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Corporate News

Nov 30, 2017

Trusting in One’s Own Power

Erlacher Höhe is a charitable social organization not far from Murrelektronik’s head office in Oppenweiler. An illustrated book titled “People. Life. Dignity. Images of Lives Lived” portrays the people of this facility and gives us an authentic glimpse into the people’s lives. Murrelektronik was proud to help in the making of this impressive work through financial support.

2016 was the 125th year anniversary of the organization in 2016, the photographer Edgar Layher took the opportunity to portray the people involved with the facility. Over a span of about two years, he took his camera around, engaging in conversations with people, and capturing the right shot at exactly the right time. The images were all taken in everyday situations. This quality makes them an authentic witness of people who find themselves in fully different circumstances and phases of life. Among the 70 images, which are presented as large-format portraits, are people, for example, in the pottery workshop, in the cafeteria, or working on the flower bed in the garden. The aura is the same: the images exude activity, confidence, and trust in one’s own abilities. A few captions and quotes guide you thoughtfully through the book and underscore the expressiveness of the photographs.

Caroline Hafner-Pinnel, the representative of the family that owns the Murrelektronik, is happy that the work came together and says: “The book deserves to be published; it shows the various ways Erlacher Höhe provides help and services, and it makes you think and stop for a moment. A book that turned out very well!”

How to Order the Book

The illustrated book “Menschen. Leben. Würde. Bilder vom gelebten Leben” [People. Life. Dignity. Images of Lives Lived], edited by Peter Ruf and Wolfgang Sartorius, appeared in publishing house Verlag Iris Förster (Waiblingen, 2017), ISBN 978-3-938812-32-7, EUR 29.80. Available in the bookstore, at, or at Erlacher Höhe,, phone +49 (0)7193-57-0, plus shipping.