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Product news

Sep 25, 2017

Fed up with changing mechanical relays?

Then an Optocoupler is the best solution!

Murrelektronik's universal optocoupler combines a high switching current with a high switching frequency, with no need for secondary-side auxiliary power. It´s maintenance-free so it´s perfect for many applications.

Key Features:

  • High switching current of 6A
  • High switching frequency of up to 500Hz
  • 100% compatible to relays in 24VDC operation
  • 100% compatible to a wide range of manufacturers bases/DIN rail sockets
  • The Spring clamp terminals with push-in connection are maintenance-free and vibration resistant
  • MIRO 6.2 pluggable has an exchangeable relay and can be replaced without removing and reconnecting wiring.
  • No operating voltage required at output
  • 100% compatible with plug in relays for 24 V DC operation
  • Push in connection technology saves time up to 80%, maintenance free and vibration resistant during operation

The Optocoupler is ideally suited to applications with higher frequency switching, or where an extended life is preferred. Capable of switching 6A loads at < 500 Hz, it is excellent for applications with frequent switching. Notably, it can easily be retrofitted to existing applications, either by replacing the existing one-part unit, or simply plugging the optocoupler into an existing base (it fits many different manufacturer's bases), enabling an even easier upgrade.

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