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Oct 02, 2017

How can the MVP12 help your food & beverage application?

Within the Food and Beverage industry, hygiene, cleanliness and protection against corrosion is vital. Dirt, debris and bacteria have to be removed thoroughly, which is why easy to clean equipment is ideal. As health and safety standards become stricter, the pressure for machines to meet health and safety standards is continually increasing. The MVP12 distribution box from Murrelektronik is a distribution box with a hygienic design, perfect for the Food and Beverage industry. Here, we explain why.

Hygiene distribution box for Food & Beverage applications

Health and safety requirements for the Food and Beverage industry are continually increasing and failure to comply with the laws can result in serious consequences. This therefore means that systems used within the Food and Beverage processing industry have to continually perform to the hygiene standards in place.

All systems must comply to the legal requirements, including EHEDG and FDA international standards and the EC Directives no. 1935/2004 and 10/2011. While the FDA (CRF 1070 ff) provides the legal requirements for plastics used in the food and beverage industry.

The MVP12 distribution box manufactured using FDA approved materials and is ECOLAB certified. It is also worth noting that this particular distribution box is resistant to cleaning agents.

MVP12 distribution box

This hygienic distribution box is manufactured from stainless steel, so the MVP12 is resistant to corrosion and has excellent strength and formability. The stainless steel material also doesn’t have any pores and exhibits a neutral behaviour regarding the absorption and contamination of food.

While the stainless-steel distribution box is manufactured from stainless steel, it also features a closed housing, with no cracks or openings, which in turn, prevents any bacteria or grime from getting caught in the component.

The MVP12 distribution box is a passive distributor, reducing the number of cables needed to run – from eight sensor cables to one homerun cable. This is a very important design feature of the distribution box as it significantly reduces installation time.

Compatible adaptors with the MVP12

The stainless-steel distribution box is used in tandem with the m12 steel plug connector. This connector can be used in the product and injection area, as specified in DIN EN 1672-2 / DIN EN ISO 14159. The distribution box and connector can withstand high-pressure cleaning due to the ingress protection class IP69K.

For more information about the MVP12 distribution box, contact Murrelektronik today on 0161 728 3133 or email