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Product news

Jan 08, 2018

Have you seen our new Infopoints?

A comprehensive resource hub for our customers. We thought it might be helpful to breakdown our product range into specific industry sectors and highlight those most relevant and most widely used.

Murrelektronik strives to keep our customers updated with our technical innovations and new product developments. With such a huge and diverse product range its not easy to always find the solution or product you need quickly! So, we’ve put together a useful resource hub where you can locate all the information you need on products for the food and beverage sector, automotive industries, machine tools and mobile applications. Here are some highlights of the Murrelektronik Infopoints.

Industrial Ethernet connections

Our industrial Ethernet hub provides everything you need to be able to shop, browse and gather information for your business. Murrelektronik offers various Ethernet solutions, including various cables and connectors in a number of lengths and styles, Fieldbus connectors, high speed cabling and compact housing – which ensures cables and wiring are stored neatly and responsibly.

You can easily flick between product information and various types of media, like videos and images, to give you a full understanding of the Ethernet products available in our collection. For ease, we have a simple quality checklist which gives you a rundown of the benefits of Murrelektronik Ethernet systems.

Wiring solutions for mobile machines

Mobile machines; like utility vehicles, agricultural equipment and snow ploughs, have to perform reliably and under extreme pressure for many years. This is why our pre-wired cordsets, modular wiring solutions and individual components are designed to accommodate faster production times with an easy-repair capability.

You can shop and browse this full collection in the mobile applications section of our Murrelektronik Infopoints. You will have easy access to our wiring solutions brochure and full product list, with fast-links to Deutsch Connectors and Distribution Boxes, amongst others. Our key facts section will help you to easily pinpoint the most effective wiring solutions for the mobile machines in your business.   

Food sector standards and regulations

Murrelektronik design solutions for the food industry and adheres to the latest food and beverage regulations.

The food & beverage section of our Infopoints hub contains all the information you need to be able to shop the products most suited to your application. Our online shop provides fast-links to M12 Steel Cordsets and torque wrenches. There are numerous diagrams and videos available to give you a full flavour of the benefits of each of our products.

Automotive body shop products

Murrelektronik is proud to partner with various leading automotive companies. We have a comprehensive collection of body shop and powertrain components that are suited to your business. We design each and every one of our automotive parts to be robust and highly resistant, with an ability to take on everything in the automotive sector.

The automotive section of our Infopoints resource is packed with useful information on our automotive components. You can browse videos that demonstrate how each system works and take a closer look at the benefits of each product using diagrams and brochures.

To access all the information from our comprehensive resource hub, take a look here. You can download brochures, watch our latest videos and shop for engineering products for your sector. Also, find out what’s new in our Connector Range.