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Product news

Nov 27, 2017

Modlink Heavy modular connectors

The heavy-duty plug connectors of the Modlink Heavy series from Murrelektronik guarantee secure transmission of signals, energy, data and pneumatics. Even in the roughest of industrial environments, they consistently protect interfaces from water, coolants and lubricants, dirt and high mechanical loads.

Murrelektronik provides a broad range of connector products. For our customers, we offer a matching connector for every requirement and our great strength is flexibility in the configuration of our plug connectors. For example, with our housings, we offer as many as four different types – each in seven different sizes.

They can be locked, as needed, by three different methods and, for contact inserts, you can choose from a large number of fixed-pole or modular versions. Our offer of accessories is exactly tuned to the heavy-duty plug connectors from Murrelektronik and rounded off to the last detail.

Features and benefits

  • Four different housing types, each in seven different sizes.
  • Housing up to degree of protection IP68 – maximum tightness.
  • Different fixed-pole and modular contact inserts for high flexibility.
  • Worldwide use through country-specific approvals such as UL and CSA.

Fixed-pole or modular

For every requirement, we offer a matching heavy-duty plug connector. Our offer comprises seven different sizes and four different housing types (grommet, surface-mounted, socket and coupling housings). Our housings cover the area up to degree of protection IP68 – for maximum tightness.

Our range of fixed-pole contact inserts includes A, D, DD, E, EE, K, HSE, HV and Q series. Rated voltages of up to 830 V and rated currents of up to 80 A are possible. Three different connection technologies, screw, crimp and push-in, are available.

Modular contact inserts allow signals, energy, data and pneumatics to be accommodated in a single connector. A heavy- duty plug connector thus replaces up to six single connectors. Our product range includes four different frame sizes and more than 20 different base modules, which can then be used to configure a wide range of individual solutions – tuned exactly to the particular application.

For more information about our complete range of Murrelektronik modular connectors, speak to one of our experienced advisers today by calling +44 (0)161 72831-33 or email