November 30, 2020


Dear valued customer,

As you are probably aware, Murrelektronik Ltd is the UK arm of Murrelektronik GmbH and the sole representative of its sister company Murrplastik GmbH. Both companies are headquartered in the same town in Germany.

All goods we sell in the UK and Ireland have originated in Germany. Therefore, Brexit, and a possible “no deal” scenario could lead to significant changes in the way we operate. That said, like all UK companies trading with the EU, we are closely monitoring the situation.

For all customers in the UK, we will continue to ship directly to you from our warehouse in Germany after the 1 Jan 2021. Our standard parcel courier “DPD” has indicated there is likely to be an increase in the shipment costs next year to cover additional customs declarations etc. Pallet deliveries and express deliveries should remain the same.

Transition period – 15.12.2020 – 04.01.2021

We will cease all deliveries from the 15.12.2020 until 04.01.2021 to ensure no goods are in transit /undelivered during the transition. We therefore urge you to bear this in mind when ordering.


For all customers who will remain in the EU or have deliveries made to sites in the EU, we have registered with the German Government for a German VAT registration, so that we can continue to ship directly from Germany to EU countries.

Murrelektronik Ltd does have its own warehouse and is integrated into our global SAP logistic and stock control system. We can therefore monitor global usage and stock levels in real time and pro-actively react to the changing landscape. We are prepared to increase stock holding in the UK, if necessary, and our IT department in Germany is planning to make timely changes to the system processes, customs regulations and documentation.

As a global Manufacturer with a presence in over 40 countries, we have an extensive export team with a wealth of experience in dealing with both EU and non-EU trade, on a daily basis. Murrelektronik GmbH and Murrplastik GmbH are both financially stable and privately owned with a long-standing commitment to our UK operations and customers. We will ensure that the supply chain is kept running with as minimal disruption to you as possible.

Murrelektronik Ltd has robust currency strategies in place and we have the support of our parent to minimize any price fluctuations caused by exchange rates variations. Any changes will, of course, be sent to you with sufficient prior warning.

Our large test, accreditation and approvals department is also working to ensure that there are no effects on our supply caused by leaving the EU.

If you have any questions relating to this, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Peter Rogers, Managing Director               Nov 2020

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