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Intelligent Power Distribution

Monitors, Detects, Reacts

MICO+ is the intelligent power distribution module from Murrelektronik for 24 V DC applications. This cabinet component monitors currents on up to four channels. It indicates when approaching the maximum load and it shuts the channel off if there's a short circuits or overload.

The Electronic Circuit Control for 24 V DC

  • 4 output channels
  • Adjustable current ranges
  • Remote start and switch off with a 24 VDC signal
  • Group alarm contact
  • Minimal power loss
  • Temperature independent
  • Perfect shut-down function: as early as necessary, as late as possible
Switching on and off flexibly
Integrated bridging system
Delayed Start-Up
Capacitive load
90% warning notice
Worldwide Applications
Spring Clamp Terminals
Murrelektronik switching on and off flexibly pictogram
Activate channels individually

Each channel can be switched on or off by pressing a button.

Reduced Wiring Effort

Multiple MICO modules can be connected via the integrated bridging system. This reduces both installation time and the potential for wiring errors.

Murrelektronik delayed start up pictogram
Avoid Inrush Spikes

MICO eliminates start-up spikes with a cascading start of individual current paths. This allows you to size your power supplies to your average use as opposed to your start up needs.

Up to 20000 µF

Up to 20,000 µF can be loaded per channel. So it's possible to monitor a number of high capacitive loads with one device.

Murrelektronik warning notice pictogram
Early Failure Prevention

When 90% of the selected current load on a channel is reached, the LED blinks green. This helps to prevent wear of motor valves at an early stage if channels fail during operation because of an increased demand of power.

Murrelektronik worldwide applications pictogram
Comprehensive approvals

MB Redundancy modules have worldwide approvals. This is very important for companies working internationally.

Operating Conditions Saved

MICO saves the operating condition of each channel even during loss of power. This simplifies troubleshooting when the channel is brought back online.

Maintenance-free and vibration resistant

Spring clamp terminals enable installation in the shortest time possible. They are maintenance-free and vibration resistant. Periodic maintenance to retighten screw terminals is no longer required.

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