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Single and Three Phase Switch Mode Power Supplies

Compact, powerful and efficient

Murrelektronik's Evolution power supply units are extremely reliable and help increase machine uptime. If one of the phases temporarily fails, Evolution continues working reliably with two phases. Cooling fins integrated in the housing efficiently dissipate heat.

Product Features

  • Temperature range from -25°C to +70°C
  • Short startup time of only 600 ms
  • Easy to mount on the DIN rail
  • Range available from 5 to 40 A
  • Adjustable output voltage from 22-28 V DC
  • Nominal input voltage range of 3 x 324 to 520 V AC or 480 to 745 V DC

Stable Output Voltage

Products that meet the Semi F47 standard ensure stable output voltage even during voltage drops.

Startup with a single power supply

The device supplies up to 50% more power to start up higher loads and capacities without using a second power supply.

Approved for North America

Products with sCSAus are approved for the American and Canadian markets. This is very important for companies doing work in these countries.

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