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MSDD Hybrid Fieldbus Coupling

Transfer Data and Power

Connection to the Outside World

MSDD hybrid fieldbus couplers transfer data and power from the cabinet into the field. A repeater function amplifies and processes signals.

Product Features

  • Quick installation
  • Easy service
  • Protected by galvanic separation
  • Baud rate change during operation
  • Repeater and coupling in one part
  • Suitable for Profibus FMS/DP

Many Options

HanBrid-, M12 or 7/8" connectors can be used in the field. In the cabinet, connections can be made with terminal strips or Sub D9 connectors.

Information At a Glance

With integrated LEDs for status indication and easy diagnostics.

Three completely separated segments

MSDD hybrid fieldbus couplings make it possible to create three independent, galvanically separated Profibus segments. With a Baud rate of 1.5 Mbit/s, these segments can be up to 200m in length. With a Baud rate of 12 Mbit/s these segments can be up to 100m in length.

Automatic Detection

MSDD hybrid field bus couplings automatically and continuously detect the Baud rate. It is possible to change the Baud rate during operation.

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