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Murrelektronik Next Level Solutions

Technologies change, we change. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, but continually. The digital transformation is here and has already impacted people all across the globe. It has unlocked many opportunities and also has brought with it new challenges.

When it comes to technology transitions, Murrelektronik has always been a thought leader. We have been there from the beginning as new trends established themselves as standards. Our approach is driven by a single question: How can our customers benefit from these new technologies? 

The latest technology transition is driven by five main aspects:

IO Link Logo
IO-Link Rollout

IO-Link is the only international standard that connects sensors and actuator regardless of the fieldbus protocol. The development of this proven connection technology is a crucial step towards replacing simple sensors and actuators with smart devices.


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Internet of Things

For Murrelektronik, the internet of things is simply a new way of transferring data from smart devices into the cloud. This process is independent of the controls unit and is necessary to transfer data to a higher-level system.


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Switch from Fieldbus to industrial Ethernet

.... represents the shift from traditional, closed bus systems to open, Ethernet-based systems. The PROFINET standard enables high performance, outstanding functionality and straightforward service with minimum assembly effort.


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Until now, designing a safety system in your machine or system required a second controls unit. It was used to connect the safety sensors to the control system and reliably shut down the actuators independently from all other devices.


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Mechatronic elements
Mechatronic Elements

A trend is emerging towards modular design in the electrical installation of machines and plants. We support this trend and offer manufacturerindependent and system-independent pre-assembled, pre-configured machine elements. You can integrate these into your automation concept as standard components. This enables simplified designs and reduces the number of individual components in your machines and systems.


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We’re there to support you with large and small-scale jobs. From on-site inventory to creating a comprehensive technical and economical concepts and even defining available material. When you’re implementing the optimum solution, we will support you with technical pans, electronic catalog information and even with commissioning. And we will always just be a phone call away, even for after-sales service when the products have been delivered and built into the system. We have over 40 years of valuable industry experience and that is why we will be able to take you to the next level!



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