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Cube67 Hygienic Design

Suitable for food zones

Easy cleanability

The food sector has particularly demanding requirements for the durability and cleanability of the components that are used in a system. The Cube67 Hygienic Design modules have been designed to fulfill all of them.

They feature a closed stainless steel housing as well as V4A (1.4404) threaded sleeves. They are designed to facilitate cleaning. With an IP69K rating, a Cube system can be used in any food zone.

This comes with great potential for cost reductions:

  • By using Cube67 Hygienic Design modules, the particularly costly stainless steel terminal boxes used in the food sector can be phased out completely.
  • Parallel wiring of individual cables over stainless steel screens in food & beverage applications is extremely complicated. The Cube system enables a direct process connection with a single system connection.
  • Valve manifolds can be implemented in a cost-efficient way via the IO-Link master module.

One cable technology that connects directly to the machine

In the food industry, point-to-point wiring is particularly labor-intensive due to the high cleaning demands. Using Cube67’s one cable technology is one of the best and most effective solutions for this industry.

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