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Cube67 Safety

Integrate safe outputs into the Cube system

Highest safety standards for machines and applications

Decentralized installation concepts from Murrelektronik make it possible to achieve the highest safety standards for machines and applications.

Install safety outputs easily and reliably into machines and applications with the Cube system. We have K3 extension modules in our Cube system product portfolio that fulfill safety levels PL d and SIL 2. These modules have a separate voltage supply that can be connected to the safety devices and can be deactivated on the output side if necessary.

Cube67 Safety Modules and Safety Relays

  • Safely shutdown of 12 outputs per module
  • Two safe voltage potentials

Cube67 Safety Modules and MVK Safety Field Bus Modules
Safe outputs

Combining the Cube system with safety or the MVK Metal Safety field bus module enables you to set up to twelve outputs that can be switched off via two separate voltage circuits.

  • Cube modules are supplied with an active safe voltage supply via MVK Safety ProfiSafe
  • No need for safety relays or additional energy supplies
  • Add additional safe outputs by linking up the voltage circuits
  • Fulfills the highest safety levels: PL e and SIL 3

Cube67 Valve Manifold Safety Connection
Drastically reduced installation times

A valve manifold connection can enable up to 16 safe outputs in four groups for the pneumatics. Here, you can drastically reduce installation times by using a cable module with multipole connector.

  • Safely shut off the pneumatic area
  • Up to 16 safe outputs on 4 voltage potentials
  • Low installation costs by using cable module with multipole connector
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