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March 30, 2022

Pricing Update - valid from 1st November 2021

Dear Customer,

Customer Information Pricing Update - Valid from 1st November 2021.

It is well reported that the electronics industry is experiencing some of the worst raw material shortages seen in decades. Coupled with high demand and bottleneck situations in source countries, we now face drastic price increases across all industries.

Despite all the action taken, the resulting additional costs can no longer be absorbed via the internal measures Murrelektronik has taken so far. Our primary aim is to ensure that our product availability remains steady and within reasonable limits to enable our customers to continue to operate successfully. To do this, we now have no further option but to make an increase in prices to cover these additional raw material costs.

To address this highly volatile market situation, we will be adding a new surcharge to our product portfolio in the form of calculable material tax surcharge from November 01, 2021. The surcharge will be 9% for each product group and article. The amount and necessity of the measure will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

The material tax surcharges are shown separately per line item on the invoice accordingly.

We regret this unavoidable measure and ask for your understanding as we secure material supply and keep our production running. We endeavour to keep our basic pricing to you as stable as possible.


With best regards

Peter Rogers

Managing Director

Murrelektronik UK

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